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About me

James Sniffen is the owner and photographer of james photographics, Located in Worcester County, MA.

I have been taking photographs for over a decade consisting of beautiful weddings, eye catching portraits, and great works of art.
I started taking pictures as a hobby when my Dad bought me a Canon AE-1 35mm camera in 1976, and turned my passion into a business. I soon discovered more of my talent for wedding photography back in 1978 when a friend asked me to photograph his brother's wedding - after that I was hooked! Years later my photographs have touched the hearts of many families across the New England area. I now also teach Photography and mentor a few students and I take great pride when they realize that "ah-ha moment" and soon they become photographers not just a person who owns a camera.

James's energy, sense of humor and fun personality makes him a favorite photographer for everyone.

Thanks for the visit,